Your Short Guide to Using a Bench Grinder


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A bench grinder can be used with various types of wheels to sharpen, clean, shape, polish, and buffy metal. It’s typically used to sharpen tools, polish tiny pieces of steel, and repair broken blades.

Types of Wheel


Buffing wheel

This is a soft cloth that enables you to polish surfaces. Rouge is a buffing compound applied to the wheel so you can shine with ease.

Wire wheel

This is best for removing rust from metals prior to the sharpening procedure.


This wheel is perfect for flattening out a chisel.

Rough stone

This is used to repair tools such as smoothing out the rough edges of an old screwdriver.

How to Use a Bench Grinder


Step 1: Wear the appropriate outfit

Wear gloves and safety glasses. Bench grinders emit sparks, and you don’t want to harm your skin and eyes. Use the eyeshield as well. This is a safety feature that comes with the grinder.

Step 2: Use the right wheel

Attach the correct wheel for the task. 80-100-grit wheels are for sharpening metal parts, a 60-grit is for chisels and plane irons, and a 36-grit wheel is for sharpening the usual gardening tools.

Step 3: Secure the material

Place the material to be smoothened against the front wheel. Angle should be around 25-30 degrees.

Step 4: Start grinding

Move the tool back and forth across the wheel. It’s crucial to move continuously to avoid the buildup of heat on the tip of the tool you’re smoothing out. A coarse grit and a constant motion can prevent the metal from overheating. If the tool starts to heat up, simply put it in a coffee container filled with warm fast-quenched oil or in a can of water.



Install the wheel correctly

When installing a wheel, make sure you don’t overtighten the nut. Overtightening could cause the wheel to crack, and that’s terrible news.

Use pliers to grind tiny items

If you need to grind small objects, safely do it by using locking pliers to hold them in place. This will shield your fingers from the danger that a grinding wheel can bring. Using pliers can protect your hands from burns caused by hot metals. It’ll even give you greater control over the grinding procedure.

Use a low-speed grinder

For sharpening, it’s best to use a low-speed grinder. However, if the bench grinder comes with a variable speed feature, then just lower the speed. Most grinders operate at around 3,450 rpm. For sharpening, adjust the speed to about 1,750 rpm. This will decrease the chances of overheating the edge of your tool.

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4 Underrated Hiking Trails in the US


Skyline to the Sea Trail


Nearly 30 miles long, this trail will require two to three days from you before you complete it. You could, of course, finish it in a day, but that’s if you’re in an excellent condition and you’re determined. It might be a long journey from Skyline Ridge to Waddell Beach, but it’s totally worth it. If you want, you can start at the Castle Rock if you’re concerned about the parking space. This underrated trail features numerous Redwood trees and beautiful sceneries to gaze upon. After completing the trail, you’ll wonder why it’s underappreciated.

West Rim Trail


Running along the 800ft.-deep and 2,000ft.-wide Pennsylvania Grand Canyon or Pine Creek Gorge, this Northern Pennsylvania trail will surely give you an astonishing view. In fact, its popularity comes from the extraordinary sights it offers. The trail, lying in the Tioga State Forest, is 30.5 miles long and most hikers usually take a few days to finish it. Nonetheless, all the hard work will pay off if you just give this trail a chance to show you what it can offer.

Batona Trail

Another highly recommended trail is this one located in New Jersey. It’s one of the longest trails the state has to offer. You can begin your trek at the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest and feast your eyes on different kinds of pine trees, hardwood swamps, black gum, swamp magnolia, gray birch, and oaks as you hike. You’ll be able to complete the trail in three days. You can even indulge in the edible berries you’ll find there!

The Mattabesett Trail


If you think you can handle more than three days of hiking, perhaps you can try this trail. Its first-half runs past the Metacomet Ridge and its second will take you past the metamorphic rock formations. The trail finishes at the Connecticut River, but before you can get there, you’ll be able to encounter chances to try bouldering, rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding, birdwatching, and hunting. It may be difficult to finish, but it sure is a trail that won’t bore you.

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Unusually Fun Activities You Can Do In Off The Beaten Paths

off the beaten path

Let’s face it.

Going on adventures in off the beaten paths can be pretty exciting. You will not only get to see more of the world like never before, but also get to experience the world like no other. You will not only get to see places you’ve never seen before, but also experience things you’ve never experienced before. You will not only get to see the world in a different perspective, but also get to experience the world in a new way.

Even more so, you can always make your off the beaten path experience more fun than any other activities out there by:

Seeing Off The Beaten Paths Unusually With A Canvass And A Brush In Hand

You see, one great way to see more of the world is through visual arts. You also see, one great way to see places you’ve never seen before is through something you’re passionate about. You even see, one great way to see the world in a different perspective is through a canvass and a brush in hand. All those lush forests around you, painted on the canvass as is will definitely make for an award-winning photograph like never before. All those still waters surrounding you, painted on the canvass as is will also definitely make for a high-quality snapshot like no other.

Experiencing Off The Beaten Paths Unusually With A Woodblock And A Chisel In Hand

You see, another great way to experience more of the world is through graphic arts. You also see, another great way to experience things you’ve never experienced before is through something you’re interested with. You even see, another great way to experience the world in a new way is through a woodblock and a chisel in hand. All those blooming flowers around you, carved on the woodblock as is will definitely make for an award-winning sculpture like never before. All those wild animals surrounding you, carved on the woodblock as is will also definitely make for a high-quality statue like no other.

Planning to experience off the beaten paths unusually with a woodblock and a chisel in hand this weekend? Don’t forget to visit for the right kind of saw to use in place of your usual tool.

How about you?

Do you know any other unusually fun activities you can do in off the beaten paths? Let us know in the comments section below!

The American States That Allow the Recreational Use of Marijuana

marijuana vector

Washington, DC

Because the residents in Washington DC voted for the legal use of recreational marijuana last 2014, they can now have up to 2oz of marijuana and offer an ounce as a gift. If you have a friend who stays there, then you’re lucky! You can now smoke in the capital of the United States!


In this state, you can possess up to an ounce of weed. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, however, you can grow cannabis as long as you have a license.


state of oregon

Since 2010, residents in Oregon are permitted to carry up to 1oz. of marijuana. They could also give marijuana edibles as presents and could grow up to four plants of cannabis at home. Hooray!


In Nevada, you can carry an ounce of marijuana too! However, if you want to grow your own plant, you’ll have to live 25 miles outside the closest dispensary before you’re allowed to cultivate.

marijuana vector


Consuming and carrying small amounts of pot is acceptable in this state but retail stores will start selling in 2018. If you can’t wait, you can start growing up to 12 plants at home!


They won’t be sold until 2018 in Maine, but Mainers can carry up to 2.5 ounces of weed and that’s by far most considerate amount.


colorful colorado sign

In Colorado, getting an ounce of marijuana is legal. To be honest, you can find tons of marijuana dispensaries in this state—they even outnumber Starbucks and McDonald’s stores!


This is the first state to allow the use of medical marijuana in 1996. The state has been known to be weed-friendly ever since 2016 when it allowed the legal possession and consumption of up to one ounce of weed even without a prescription. The bad news is you can’t legally purchase marijuana until 2018. The good news is 2017’s about to end! Another good news is you can acquire medical marijuana with a friend who is in possession of the drug or if you’re a medical cannabis patient.


If you’re an adult (21 and above), you can smoke marijuana legally in Alaska even if you’re not a medical marijuana patient. You can carry, consume, and transport up to an ounce of weed here, so you don’t have to worry.

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4 Must-Visit Hot Springs in Asia

Beitou Hot Springs Taiwan

Sungai Klah Hot Springs, Malaysia

Built in 2003, this park set features cold and hot pools surrounded by green forests and running rivers. Pools in Sungai Klah get their water from the natural underground sprint and bubbling streams. Aside from the public hot pools, you can also enjoy private Jacuzzis and a location where you can boil eggs in hot water! Uncanny but cool! You can stay the night in the park because they offer accommodation too. Just make sure you place a reservation ahead and arrange everything before you visit.


Onyang Hot Spring, Seoul

As Korea’s oldest hot springs, Onyang continues to energize and freshen up its visitors even after 1,300 years of existence. Legends say the high alkaline content in Onyang’s water cured the eye and leg ailments of King Sejong. The hot springs are also located near the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels in the area. The hotel is Korea’s biggest and oldest hot spring resort which offers a number of outdoor water pools called Onyang Oncheaon.

Beitou Hot Spring, Taipei, Taiwan

The last one in our list is Taiwan’s Beitou Hot Springs. Beitou is a small city well-known for the hot springs it offers, as well as its preserved architectural heritage. In 1845 during the colonial era, the Japanese developed the town into a hot spring resort. If you want to feel better and refreshed, better take note of this hot spring and visit it the next time you’re in Taiwan.

Beitou Hot Springs Taiwan

Puning Hot Springs and Sand Spa, Clarke, Philippines

I’m sure you’re familiar with the white sand beaches of Boracay, but why don’t you try the renowned hot springs of Laguna? Laguna is a province located in the island of Luzon and is famous for the several hot springs it offers. You’ll surely love Puning Hot Springs which is located near the volcano, Mount Pinatubo, the source of the spring’s hot water. Hot water ranges between 40 to 70 degrees. Apart from the hot springs, you can also enjoy the sparkling green waters of Pinatubo Crater Lake.

Puning Hot Springs in Laguna, Philippines

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Exploring Places Alone


There’s just something about solo travel that makes people these days want to try it at least once in their lives. While travelling with a group is still recommended, especially for first-time adventurers and for off-the-beaten-track explorers, nothing compares experiencing for yourself the wonders of Mother Nature that only a few people have done.

That being said, here are some tips when exploring places alone:

Pack light.

The reason for this is quite simple. Packing light allows you to move freely when exploring places that require you to move around often. Packing light also allows you to move tirelessly when exploring places that require you to hike long distances. Even more so, packing light allows you to move smoothly when exploring places that require you to climb high altitudes. To do this, you only need to pack what you need – t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, leggings, scarf, gloves, and boots. You also only need to bring at least 3 snack packs, at least 5 water bottles, a few toiletries for camping, and a small kit for emergencies.

Use apps.

The reason for this is also quite simple. Using apps will allow you to get directions effortlessly while exploring places that require you to navigate around often. Using apps will also allow you to contact people easily before exploring places that require you to go further inside. Even more so, using apps will allow you to pass the time after exploring places that require you to move around often. But in order to do all these, you need to have at least 2 mobile devices with you: 1 for the main use and 1 for the backup use. You also need to have at least 3 sets of batteries with you.

Always remember, exploring places alone doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You only need to pack light and use apps, along with the other basic tips you have already heard about.

Until next time!

Fun Places to Explore in Hawaii

Mention Hawaii and two words immediately come to mind – sand and surf. The popular vacation destination unfailingly delivers as promised on both. Its islands are teeming with pristine beaches and surf spots that lure travelers from across the globe. Here are some of hidden gems Hawaii has to offer.

First Cathedral in Lanai

Less than an hour away from Lahaina Harbor likes an underwater cavern known as First Cathedral. It is one of the Lanai Cathedrals that draws many diving enthusiasts. Imagine being in a cathedral but underwater and with chance encounters with magnificent marine life.

Hanakapi’ai Falls in Kauai

Hanakapi’ai Falls

The trek to Hanakapi’ai Falls is about 8 miles long in all. And the trail itself is already worth the trip as you get to enjoy the best of nature Kauai has to offer. Do not be surprised if you begin to notice that the surroundings look oddly familiar. You might have seen it in films like Jurassic Park which have used the area as filming site.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in Big Island

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Craters and some possible lava are just some of the things you will see at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The trails and rich biodiversity make a trip to this park a great way to reconnect more with nature.

Mauna Loa Lookout

Mauna Loa Lookout

The rugged trail to Mauna Loa Lookout is part of the overall experience. It may not look like it at the onset if you are not an avid hiker, but it is a fairly easy trek unless you are aiming for the summit which could mean a longer time on the trail. Expect your efforts to be rewarded by stunning views.

Napali Coast in Kauai

Napali Coast

It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. If you are looking for a challenge then a roughly 15-mile paddling along the Napali Coast will be one Hawaiian adventure that you can add to your bucket list. As you paddle through choppy waters, prepare to feast your eyes with great views of sea caves, shorelines, and other attractions that few people get to see.

Polulu Valley Lookout in Big Island

Polulu Valley Lookout

There are several ways to enjoy Pololu Valley. You can either follow the trail to enjoy a good hike or head to the Pololu Valley Lookout to get a view of the coastline and nearby cliffs. You can end the trip to the lookout with a leisurely walk to the Pololu Beach which is less than half an hour’s trip down.

Secret Beach in Kauai

Secret Beach

Picture a secluded beach with scenic cliffs and a lighthouse as backdrop. While not exactly a secret anymore, it is still a go-to spot for tourists and locals alike who want to be away from the crowd. It takes about 15 minutes of hiking before you can reach the beach. But the view will be worth it.

When in Vegas – Places to Explore Outside The Strip

Valley of Fire State Park

The Strip in Las Vegas continues to draw the biggest crowds from around the world. But there is more to the renowned resort city than the gambling and nightlife the famous boulevard offers. Whether you plan on sticking to the well-trodden paths of The Strip or go off track, here are some of the things you can do to when in the city.

Get up close with sharks

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is home to 15 different species of sharks and other aquatic creatures. Taking the Shark Tank Tours in Gold Nugget likewise offers a unique glimpse of how the massive shark aquarium works.

Try Flyboarding

Head to Lake Las Vegas Marina located less than half an hour away from The Strip if you want to give the Flyboard experience a try. Experience the thrill as you water pressure lets you soar in the air and harness the Iron Man in you.

Drive a Muscle Car

Imagine driving a muscle car like a Shelby Mustang GT500 or Corvette Z06 on stretches of roads that afford you with a scenic view of the desert. If you are into muscle cars then this is definitely one experience you do not want to miss.

Head to the Big Springs

The Springs Preserve is a great place to visit if you want a change of scenery with a bit of history thrown in. You can enjoy the different exhibits and activities the place has to offer.

See Stunning Rock Formations

The famous Red Rock Canyon is not the only place where you get to see some of nature’s wonders. The Valley of Fire State Park has its share of amazing rock formations that you can feast your eyes on.

Experience Speakeasy

Experience the ambiance of speakeasy and enjoy the spirit of the Prohibition era. Speakeasies are not your typical bar scenes and often not easy to find. But given the chance, book a reservation and savor the unique experience.

Visit Old Vegas restaurants

The Strip is a foodie’s haven. But if you want a taste of Old Vegas, pick a restaurant downtown that take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Play with Old Pinball Machines

The Pinball Hall of Fame has a large collection of machines that dates back to as old as seventy years old. What makes this collection interesting is that you can actually play with them provided you have the requisite quarters to operate them. Thankfully, the place offers to change your bills to quarters so you can play to your heart’s content..