Fun Places to Explore in Hawaii

Mention Hawaii and two words immediately come to mind – sand and surf. The popular vacation destination unfailingly delivers as promised on both. Its islands are teeming with pristine beaches and surf spots that lure travelers from across the globe. Here are some of hidden gems Hawaii has to offer.

First Cathedral in Lanai

Less than an hour away from Lahaina Harbor likes an underwater cavern known as First Cathedral. It is one of the Lanai Cathedrals that draws many diving enthusiasts. Imagine being in a cathedral but underwater and with chance encounters with magnificent marine life.

Hanakapi’ai Falls in Kauai

Hanakapi’ai Falls

The trek to Hanakapi’ai Falls is about 8 miles long in all. And the trail itself is already worth the trip as you get to enjoy the best of nature Kauai has to offer. Do not be surprised if you begin to notice that the surroundings look oddly familiar. You might have seen it in films like Jurassic Park which have used the area as filming site.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in Big Island

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Craters and some possible lava are just some of the things you will see at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The trails and rich biodiversity make a trip to this park a great way to reconnect more with nature.

Mauna Loa Lookout

Mauna Loa Lookout

The rugged trail to Mauna Loa Lookout is part of the overall experience. It may not look like it at the onset if you are not an avid hiker, but it is a fairly easy trek unless you are aiming for the summit which could mean a longer time on the trail. Expect your efforts to be rewarded by stunning views.

Napali Coast in Kauai

Napali Coast

It is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. If you are looking for a challenge then a roughly 15-mile paddling along the Napali Coast will be one Hawaiian adventure that you can add to your bucket list. As you paddle through choppy waters, prepare to feast your eyes with great views of sea caves, shorelines, and other attractions that few people get to see.

Polulu Valley Lookout in Big Island

Polulu Valley Lookout

There are several ways to enjoy Pololu Valley. You can either follow the trail to enjoy a good hike or head to the Pololu Valley Lookout to get a view of the coastline and nearby cliffs. You can end the trip to the lookout with a leisurely walk to the Pololu Beach which is less than half an hour’s trip down.

Secret Beach in Kauai

Secret Beach

Picture a secluded beach with scenic cliffs and a lighthouse as backdrop. While not exactly a secret anymore, it is still a go-to spot for tourists and locals alike who want to be away from the crowd. It takes about 15 minutes of hiking before you can reach the beach. But the view will be worth it.

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